“Personal injury“ is a very general term that can mean anything from an severe injury due to negligence or gross negligence of an individual or corporation all the way to the wrongful death of a person due to negligence or carelessness.

We have handled a wide spectrum of personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1983. Simply stated, we have handled every category of personal injury that can be prosecuted. Here are a few examples of the categories of cases that we have handled all the way from a simple slip and fall case were people were severely injured in a grocery store all the way to a person being severely injured or killed by the negligent design of a product such as an automobile, weapon, boat or other device:
Deaths and paralyzation due to automobile rollovers and motorcycle crashes.
Serious slip and falls in businesses and public areas.
Electrocution from power lines.
Construction accidents and deaths.
Animal attacks due to owners’ negligent control.
Assault and battery cases.
Sexual assault and sexual harassment cases.
Recreational accidents including drownings and amusement park accidents.
Injuries and deaths on hotel premises including accidents and lack of security allowing criminal activities such as robberies, assaults and murders.

Over the years we have worked with a wide number of top notch experts in the fields of metallurgy, vehicle crash dynamics, systems engineering, construction engineering, aeronautical engineering, medical device (such as pacemakers), engineering and testing, weather experts,And human factors/biomechanical engineers.