The term “Aviation Law” encompasses a number of very different areas of the law. Aviation law includes accident litigation for aviation crashes, involving both general aviation aircraft as well as commercial passenger and cargo aircraft, often involving the NTSB and the FAA. Aviation law also includes purchases and leases of aircraft by airlines, businesses and individuals, FAA pilot qualification and enforcement, international treaties such as the Montreal Convention, land use and planning near airports, and products liability cases involving aircraft and aircraft systems. There is also a growing field of Space Law which involves government approval of satellite and spacecraft launches by private companies and the litigation that may ensue in the event of a lost payload or worse, a crash of a space vehicle upon re-entry to earth.

Over the last 32 years, I have handled cases and matters in virtually every area listed above. I am Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Aviation Law and have been since the Bar began certifying attorneys in Aviation Law. We have handled aircraft accident litigation in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe as well as throughout the United States.

For many years I have been on the Florida bar Aviation Law Committee as well as the Florida Bar Aviation Certification Committee which is charged with preparing, giving, and grading the yearly Certification Exam for attorneys who want to become Board certified in Aviation Law, of which there are very few in Florida. I flew air-to air flight testing in the Air Force after getting my engineering degree at UVa which has given me a unique perspective when evaluating technical/legal matters as well as evaluating opposing “experts” and other witnesses for credibility and scientific validity.

In short, we know how to evaluate and handle any legal aviation matter that a potential client may have, as we have done for many, many years.