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  1. We met John during the worst time of our lives. Our daughter had been violated in the most horrific way and we found ourselves in unchartered waters, lost.
    From the beginning, the genuine compassion from John was a godsend. He has a heart of gold and I really do not know where we would be without him.
    He became not only our lawyer, but our friend. He has worked tirelessly for years as we challenge the courts. No one wants to need a civil attorney because that means something bad has happened. Meeting John was bitter sweet. It was our worst of times and he was, is the best.

  2. I know John for 3 years now, he is very kind and comfortable to talk to. He explained very well my legal case and helped me to understand everything. He looks out for his clients and has always their best interest in mind. If ever need legal consult again I will give him a call

  3. When you hire John Eversole you get the best attorney but also an advocate who will leave no stone unturned.
    John worked on our case and against all odds did a valiant and impressive job for us. The can was won!!!!
    He is very well spoken, well educated and a brave attorney and warrior to get the case won.
    We watched John follow through on every aspect of the case. He dots every i and crosses every t.
    We believe that the fact that John was a fighter pilot before going to law school instilled courage, bravery and a sense of always doing the right thing.
    Go for the gold by choosing John Eversole.

  4. I would like to Thank John Eversole for not only assisting me during a tough time, but givIng me peace of mind.

    I met John about 6 years ago.

    I went to seek legal advice from a law firm that he was an associate.

    During the time I was referred to one of the lawyers that I didn’t feel had and showed any interest in my case.
    After a couple years I was so frustrated and upset with his service

    I not only felt that he was wasting my time but his.

    After speaking to the firm, I was introduced to Mr. Eversole.

    Mr. Eversole was so compassionate, and understanding. He took my case and started off running.

    I received updates on my case and sometimes he would call just see how I was going with me and my family.

    My case was solved in 6 months.

    John Eversole has an impeccable knowledge of the LAW….!!

    He works only with the best and caring lawyers.
    He introduced me to a workmen comp lawyer that was Excellent!!

    Mr Eversole is very professional.
    He has a caring and compassionate spirit.

    I call him

    Thanks again I appreciate you!!

  5. I met John when I lost my son back in 2013.
    He worked on my case and was very diligent in his duties and very knowledgeable in the law. My case took a few years and to say it was the hardest thing I had ever gone through would be an understatement but John’s compassion and understanding made the process less trying. He never gave up on us and never let me get discouraged.
    He is well educated, well spoken, caring, compassionate and understanding. He will go above and beyond for his clients. truly an exemplary attorney and an amazing man.

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